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769 Hospitals Fined for Medial Errors, Infections, by CMS

The punishments come in the third year of Medicare penalties for hospitals with patients most frequently suffering from potentially avoidable issues. The federal government has cut payments to 769 hospitals with high rates of patient injuries, for the first time

Colonoscopies Can Cause Greater Infection Risk

WEDNESDAY, June 6, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Getting a colonoscopy or an endoscopy may be riskier than you thought. Researchers report that the rate of infections following these procedures at outpatient ambulatory surgery centers could be 100 times higher than

Study: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Commonly Used Medical Scopes Tainted By Bacteria

In an ominous sign for patient safety, 71 percent of reusable medical scopes deemed ready for use on patients tested positive for bacteria at three major U.S. hospitals, according to a new study. The paper, published last month in the

Reusable Devices How Effective Is Your Cleaning Validation

Written by: Daphne Allen from MDDI Online If you’re developing a medical device that will be reprocessed, you’ve got a lot to consider. Daphne Allen Developing a cleaning validation for a reusable medical device presents several challenges. How are you

Medical scope risks extensive, report says

Written by: Brady Dennis WASHINGTON — The number of patients harmed by contaminated medical scopes in recent years far exceeds previous estimates from federal regulators, according to findings in a Senate health committee report published Wednesday. During a three-year stretch