Leadership Team


ONEighty C Technologies has an experienced leadership team, comprising Eric G. Walters, CEO, and Michael G. Fritz, Director. Their background encompasses operations, manufacturing, life sciences, startup business experience, strategic planning, technology development, finance, fundraising, high growth expertise, mergers and acquisitions and high exit multiples.

Eric G. Walters is CEO and a Director of the Company. He has been involved in private and public company fund raising for more than 20 years. He has raised more than $100M in capital and was EVP/CFO and a member of the original senior management team that grew a $1M medical device start-up company (PolyMedica) to $350M in profitable revenues, later sold for $1.5B in cash when its revenues exceeded $675M. Mr. Walters is a CPA and has managed investor relations for a publicly-held corporation with a $1B market capitalization. He was formerly a Big Four auditor and serves on several Boards of Directors. He has been a C-level executive of both life science and clean technology companies. He is a co-founder, investor and principal of the Company.

Michael G. Fritz is a Director of the Company. He has more than 20 years Big-Four consulting and line management experience dramatically improving operational, financial and service outcomes. Mr. Fritz is a process improvement expert in many service industries and functional areas. These environments are highly regulated, process large daily transaction volumes, involve billion dollar daily activity and complex customized processing. His core capabilities include excellent project management skills, team building, and a passion for moving organizations forward to achieve their true potential. He is an investor and principal of the Company.

In addition, the Company has a team of advisors and partners with expertise in microbiology, FDA regulatory affairs, medical device engineering and design.

Strategic Advisors

  • Marcos Caro, Operations & QA/RA
  • Roy Coleman, Intellectual Property Counsel
  • Michael Drues, Ph.D., Regulatory Strategy
  • John Erickson, CEO, Product Resources
  • Theresa O’Keefe, Ph.D., Scientific Development

Corporate Partners

  • Product Resources
  • Toxikon Corporation