WAVEPulse Sterilization and Verification System
  • Problem: “High concern organisms” found on 5.4% of sampled reprocessed duodenoscopes. FDA target is <1% residual pathogens on duodenoscopes after reprocessing.




Wavepulse Technology

  • Solution: WAVEPulse can deliver the FDA target, thereby saving lives and millions of dollars in post-op and related costs traced to scope infections.





  • Next-Gen System
  • Multi-Endoscope Modules
  • Integrated Sterile Wrap
  • Single-Use Verification Array
Successful Sterilization Tests - Duodenoscope

With WAVEPulse Sterilization

  • Low temperature (< 60°C)
  • 2 continuously non-toxic and
    non-corrosive aqueous solvents
  • Rapid (< 60min)
  • Sterilizes elevator mechanism and lumens
  • US and foreign patent applications pending
    and 3 issued US patents